Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aybars from Iskenderun (Turkey)

Hi I’m Aybars.I’ve a cousin who says there are slavs and caucasians in our grand-elders.Actually I’m the biggest child of a family which lives in Hatay for many years.My dad is a retired soldier,and my mom is a housewife.

Now I’m studying at Makzume Anatolian High School.I am at third class.

I have been playing classical guitar for 4 years but I couldn’t practice it for months.Besides I like listening to metal music esspeacialy metalcore,symphony metal and death metal.My favorite group is Apocalyptica.Nowadays I’m listening Amon Amarth and Bullet for My Valantine..

In my leisure time I’m doing kickbox.I like reading supsenser and fantastic novals.I read a comic paper called Uykusuz regularly.I like having a walk in the street with my close friends at night espeacialy in winters.I am keen on pc games.My favorite is World of Warcraft.

İn that project most important thing for me is contacting guys who are from different cultures but maybe got similar humour.It is also good side of Makzume:metropolitic relations.I believe in that contacting people who are from different cultures will beneficial for my characteristic.

Aybars Kökce

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